Monday, February 7, 2011

Greater Purpose

This was an email between myself and my sister-in-laws.  As it turns out all of our husbands are either ministers or deacons.  They wanted me to share it in my blog. 

So today i have a heavy heart.  I want to share something with yall....
I know we all have different struggles in our daily life.  I am 32 and my husband is a pastor.  There is not a day that goes by that I don't wonder why God would want me to be a pastor's wife.  I battle Satan on a daily basis.  Sometimes he comes at me through my own insecurity, sometimes through other people, and other times through circumstances i face.  When you truly give your heart to God and accept the teachings of Christ and apply them to your life that doesn't mean that your battles go away or that the temptations aren't their anymore.  I know that I have given my heart to the Lord.  I know that Christ died to save my soul.  I know that I've been baptized and repented of my sins.  When i make a mistake and sin again I ask God to forgive me and stop doing that.  I go to church whenever the doors are open.  I help with pretty much everything that goes on at church.  My husband is a Pastor.  With all of this I struggle sometimes to get through the day!!!  There are days when i pray for God to help me get through this hour Lord.  Sometimes my burden is so heavy I feel like I can't possibly carry it alone.  Then i remember, (you would think it would be ingrained in my mind) I'm not alone.  My Lord is living and he walks with me on a daily basis.  He carries my load when I can't go on any longer.  Why as believers do we forget this? We hear it preached often enough.  

Something I feel like sharing with yall is when your trials start to consume your mind, your daily life, or when fear of the unknown starts rearing its ugly head don't forget where to find peace.  When things just aren't going how we want them too, or the way we think they should step back for a moment.  Make sure you haven't gotten out of step with the Lord.  Just because your not in sync with Him doesn't mean your living a life full of hell.  It could just be that your not letting Him lead your steps.  He could have been letting you walk around in the wilderness for a while waiting on you to realize you got off path.  

Girls, everyone of us have a husband that is called for a greater purpose.  Whether we like it or not that means His calling to God comes first.  Our life will revolve around that calling.  It took me so long to truly understand what it means to be a good wife, mother, friend, sister and daughter.  A good wife puts her husbands needs above her own, is supportive and loving, provides a sanctuary at home where his mind can relax.  A good mother teaches her children how to love God with all their heart.  A good friend/sister is there in time of need, always praying and not backbiting.  A good daughter honors thy father and mother. 

So I have no idea why I felt like sharing this with all of you.  I miss you all.  I hope you cherish one another and nurture your relationships with each other.  I would love to have all of you live close to me!!!  Remember we are all in this together.  We have to be there for one another and pray for each other.  When conflict and trials arise in our lives we should be able to depend on each other for comfort, prayers and love.  God has not called us to be ordinary.  He wants us to be extraordinary!!!!    


  1. Oh this truly blessed my heart. I love that you shared our part in our husbands lives whether they are a Pastor or not. It is Gods plan. Remember, Philippians 4:13 says we can do all things through Christ..... Love your blog!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. It meant a lot. Did you realize that we go to the same church?

  3. Yes my sister in law Krista told me about your blog. She thought I would enjoy it. I am going to try making your laundry soap recipe next weekend with my friend Crystal....i'm very excited!!

  4. I happened to run across your blog, truly blessed me heart! So thankful we're not in this alone!! : )