Thursday, March 10, 2011

Warning Signs

  You know when your driving and you see:
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I was thinking about the Warning Signs that God gives us daily.  His are more subtle most of the time but nevertheless they are still there if your looking for them.  I'm the worst for not paying attention when I'm driving and I'll miss my exit or the turn I was looking for.  Dave just looks at me like "well if you were paying attention we'd be there" LOL!!  I would love it if God had huge billboards for me that said "Don't Go Down This Path" or "Proceed with Caution" and even better "Watch Out for Snakes"....
So I know that its not that simple but when you go through a trial or two you'll start to recognize the signs that God's trying to give you.  I feel apprehension sometimes and don't know why.  Years ago I would overlook it and go on.  Now I slow down, take my time and proceed with caution.  I know that God is letting me know that your about to face something big and you need to pray, seek the Lord, and stay focused on Him. 
     I have gone through periods of feeling down.  I don't know if I'd call it a depression but I was defintley depressed about something when this would happen.  Every time I've gone through this it started with isolation.  I would automatically want to close myself to everyone and everything around me and just be alone.  At first I thought, I'm just going through a trial and I don't want to be hurt.  I'm protecting my heart.  I've since realized that, for me, that's the first sign that I'm getting depressed or down.  I withdraw.  Those closest to me realize it almost immediatly and then others will take notice if I'm down for a while.  Through the years I've finally learned to identify what triggers this reaction in me.  I've learned to listen to the Lord and ask him continually for help in recognizing His warning signs.
      He may speak to you differently than me but I guarentee if you seek the Lord and ask Him to reveal things to you He will.  To be a safe driver we have to pay attention, use good judgement and stay focused.  You won't see the signs if your not looking.  Its the same way with the Lord.  If we're busy with tons of other things and taking our sight off Him then we'll end up going the wrong way, getting ourselves into an undesirable place or worse.....lost.  I've learned that when I keep Him first I may still go through trials and believe me they are difficult, BUT, I'd rather go through the trial with my Navigator On than go through them alone.  Surely I'd end up lost and those who know me know that I'm geographically challenged!!!!!  Jesus is like my Navigator app.  He guides me to the correct destination...  Thank the Lord!!!!        


  1. Hey Kina. I truely enjoy reading your blogs.
    You have always been able to put your feelings into words. Not everyone can do that. I'm so proud of you. Just remember, we're made to overcome by the words of our testimonies. You have a calling in your life to help others. I know whoever visits this site will gain strength
    and encouragement in their daily life. Luv you so much. Mom

  2. Thank you. You have no idea how much your encouragment means to me! I love you!!

  3. This is a good word. Another name for Jesus...The Great Physician, and The Great Navigator. Good stuff, Kina. Keep allowing Him to work through your words. Remember if we abide in Him, and He abides in us, we will bear much fruit...John 15:5. Keep abiding, Kina.

  4. Thank you for the encouragement Renae. It means so much to me!!