Friday, January 28, 2011

For the Glory of the Cross

I've had a song on my mind all week.  I've been singing it in my mind, humming it through out the day..

I am dwelling on the mountain,
Where the golden sunlight gleams
O’er a land whose wondrous beauty
Far exceeds my fondest dreams;
Where the air is pure, ethereal,
Laden with the breath of flow’rs,
They are blooming by the fountain,
’Neath the amaranthine bow’rs.

Is not this the land of Beulah?
Blessed, blessed land of light,
Where the flowers bloom forever,
And the sun is always bright!

I can see far down the mountain,
Where I wandered weary years,
Often hindered in my journey
By the ghosts of doubts and fears;
Broken vows and disappointments
Thickly sprinkled all the way,
But the Spirit led, unerring,
To the land I hold today.

I am drinking at the fountain,
Where I ever would abide;
For I’ve tasted life’s pure river,
And my soul is satisfied;
There’s no thirsting for life’s pleasures,
Nor adorning, rich and gay,
For I’ve found a richer treasure,
One that fadeth not away.

Tell me not of heavy crosses,
Nor of burdens hard to bear,
For I’ve found this great salvation
Makes each burden light appear;
And I love to follow Jesus,
Gladly counting all but loss,
Worldly honors all forsaking
For the glory of the cross.

Oh, the cross has wondrous glory!
Oft I’ve proved this to be true;
When I’m in the way so narrow,
I can see a pathway through;
And how sweetly Jesus whispers:
“Take the cross, thou need’st not fear,
For I’ve tried the way before thee,”
And the glory lingers near.

I can't seem to get it off my mind this week.  I just felt like sharing the words to a beautiful song that I love.  I love that part that says worldly honors all forsaking for the glory of the cross.  Sometimes when your involved in working in church or a part of a ministry its hard to understand why things happen a certain way.  Something that I have struggled with over the years is taking things personal.  When someone makes the decision to drift away from the Lord or stop attending church I feel like someone punched me.... I know that sounds awful but I do.  I take it so personal.  I feel like maybe if I would have said more or done more then they wouldn't have drifted away.  I forget sometimes that its not about me and what I'm doing.  Its about their walk, their choices.  

The most beautiful thing to me is the freedom that Jesus gave people.  Choose this day whom you'll serve...  Its not me or anything about me its all about HIM!!  People have to choose Jesus above a life of sin and until they truly make that choice to follow his ways and accept his teachings then no amount of songs I sing, ladies fellowship meetings I host or kids classes I do is going to make a difference.  I just have to continue on the path God has set before me and do the best that I can for the Lord.  I can't make people choose Jesus I can only point them in his direction....  

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